Unsure is this already a thing, but why.not have mining be part of the game? I mean, you could make volcanos I guess, or find cool gems and ores.


I think in one of his videos Dave said he wanted it to be more about exploration than mining, although I wouldn’t be opposed to maybe a quarry or something to get rocks out of easier.

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In order to advance the level of civilization, it makes sense that some mining would be required…


Yeah the bronze age didn’t come about without a good bit of mining. Although, a lot of metals can be found on the surface, just not in great quantities.


What might fit the style better is a mine shaft entrance that the villagers go to and get minerals from occasionally. Not actually going underground but a surface feature that represents mining.


Thought: maybe meteorites could strike from time to time, and you have to find them and collect their materials instead of mining.


That would be infrequent and probably very destructive.

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I’m not sure that you can say something like this would be infrequent simply because this is a game and as such frequency of events is entirely customisable. If meteorites are the main source for some resource(s) that are necessary for progression, it would make sense for them to be fairly frequent.

Yeah that’s fair. A blockheads year lasts all of what, 8 or 16 days (I really haven’t counted or looked it up) which are only a few minutes at that. Still to be at all realistic you’d need them to be large enough that they would level your village if they landed too close and be worth anything to collect. Almost seems counter productive. That or you can make a pinkie ring with the ore you get.
If you go too far from what you’d expect on Earth then you might as well have random wandering NPC’s walk over and give you resources. We can just ignore that we don’t know where they got them in the first place.

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Mining would be very interesting, but it should have an interesting system behind it, no idea what the system should be though

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