Movement for VR

I find it great that you’re considering VR support, I do however wonder if you could also add in different forms of controls as I personally prefer walking around using a trackpad instead of teleporting, in addition to that it would be nice to be able to remap the movement controls yourself as well.

I also wonder if you’re planning to keep the VR version as a ground based type or if you intend to make it work more similar to the desktop version where you take on the role of a god, seeing as that might be worth considering when making and recommending controls.


I think this is a very important issue.
From what we’ve seen from the video, the movement so far is based on teleport.

I think walking + flying should definitely be possible in VR.
(I dunno anything about programming though xD)

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and I definitely agree that it’s an issue.

This is very much a “first person” game, where you are an invisible god commanding your people from amongst them. I don’t want to encourage people to play all the time from a top down perspective, and the game even in non-VR is designed to be played mostly from the ground.

But sometimes you want to get an overview, and currently there isn’t any way to do that in VR. So I’ll be making sure that there is some method for zooming out too. I’ve got a few ideas on that, but I need to test them out really.


Well if you intend to make it first person oriented I’d request the ability to change it to your prefered movement scheme at least so it isn’t simply locked to one form of teleportation or sliding

Another thing to add onto this, I’m wondering how it will work with other headsets besides the vive.

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