Is this going to be setup as multiple avatars controlling the same village or will we be able to start our own villages next to our friends who control their own villages?

To keep the game honest, I’d advise the ability to have private competitive matches, games like Ark made you pay dearly as far as losing any progress to griefers. I understand the world is larger than earth in regard to scale so that’s pretty encouraging, you aren’t likely to run into hostile villages on a public game as is but there’s enough room to be hidden away while you develop.

How will aggression to other players work? Would this all be done privately?

In regards to your first question, I found Dave said this in discord awhile ago.

majicDave 04/11/2019
I definitely want co-op play, yes. How exactly I implement it I’m not sure, probably your sapiens will be able to work on their stuff and vice versa, and they will be less cautious of or hostile towards each other or something.

Pretty sure this means that you will control your own group of Sapiens, and when you start it will be like what was shown here. Then, if you are friendly enough with another player you will be able to assist them and they can assist you so you can work together and possibly form a de-facto conjoined village in this way. Although being able to share sapiens would be pretty cool!

Also there will be private servers, people will probably host public ones too.

majicDave 05/05/2019
Multiplayer is supported, and though I won’t be hosting servers, players will be able to host their own. I’m focusing more on the cooperative side of things, but you’ll be able to play competitive multiplayer too.

As exactly how combat/aggression will work, there isn’t much about it at this stage as far as i’m aware. A few ideas have been tossed around though.

Sigma - Server Founder 11/23/2019
Will there be a combat/war component to the game?

Hi, the short answer is yes, but I’m not sure yet to what extent. I’m not really planning on it being a major focus, for me the more interesting thing is progressing, constructing, building, advancing etc. But conflict also does add an important dimension to the gameplay, so it will definitely be a part of the game too.

what I’m interested. Can you create a culture with the AI ​​or other players later in the game.
Or that everyone can found several tribes / villages himself and build so a nation.
Many thanks