In the Sapiens FAQ it’s said that the game will only use one thread, not requiring multiple cores.

These servers are going to need some grunt. I don’t know how much exactly yet, but in particular they will need plenty of RAM. (2GB or more per server instance is probably a reasonable guess) They only use one thread, so no need for lots of cores per server, but they could end up using a fair amount of CPU too. - majicDave

Does that mean it won’t be able to run on multiple threads, or that that won’t even be required for setting everything to high (quality)? I know games are capable of doing that without multithreading, but I’m just wondering if it’ll be an option.

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That was just referring to the server, and is now out of date too.

Now, the server uses 5 threads. One main thread, and 4 for pathfinding. But the client uses 2 threads, one for rendering/UI/player movement/animation, and another for all of the game logic. And if you’re playing single player, then the server is running in the same process, making for a total of 7 threads.


Thanks for the super fast answer!