Music for this game

I really like to suggest this what will be the music for this game a relaxation or something like in Blockheads they have sugar palm, sneaky snitch, hall of the Mountain King and etc. There should be a song like a symphony in Blockheads it always on when you starting the game until you join the new world.

So that’s all like in Blockheads I hope it will be the music covered by piano and Dave will decide what name should be it and the tones how he set it up. Good luck with the music set and names and every music I’ll hear even it’s randomly as long there’s a lot of music to hear :slight_smile:

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I hope it is different from Blockheads.

Yeah, thats why I said how Dave will make a new one with new name good luck with that and I think some of his beta tester will help him :slight_smile:

Aww… rats! I was going to make a music topic… :laughing: . Yes I agree! it should be relaxing, and he already has the music at the beginning and end of his Dev. blogs! :grinning:

Who knows if it’ll be in game though?

Oh… I guess so. :man_shrugging:

A lot of the music for the blockheads came from incompetech.

Of course, every game has a music except before there’s not much music in the game but to this day I think each one of the games has there owned music.

I’d really like to compose the music myself for Ambience. I did that for Chopper 2, but was feeling too rushed for Blockheads.


So some of the music to blockheads you did and the other Beta tester helped you? Now I’m interested in music you made from your apps. Did you do the Blockheads music’s rush?

Ha now I’m confused. I didn’t do any of the music for The Blockheads, because I ran out of time. But I did the music for the game Chopper 2. It wouldn’t suit Ambience at all, it was designed for an action shooter, but you can hear it on Spotify here

Hmm looks cool to hear what you compose music for the chopper 2 Ok I’ll hear it. I hope you don’t run out of time creating this game and I will love it if you going compose your owned music and sound track for this game!

Edit I heard it looks cool really good for playing chopper 2 since about shooter action and as I see it will be fit music for this game from Lion King named music circle of life I don’t want to say copy but like that as much possible not copy and I know you’ll decide to it.