My Dream Game coming true

Hello, I just came across the game 2 days ago and saw it’s early access steam release was in two days. So I waited those two days and bought it, not wanting to spoil myself with the demo.
My Youtube home screen popped up with gameplay. The description fit almost perfectly with a game idea I’ve had for about 14 years now. I tried creating it once. It’s why I started getting into Blender, and trying to learn Unreal Engine and Map making… and it was all too much for me to do. So the next best thing was to hope one day someone else would create it. The closest thing happened about 4 years ago with a Minecraft mod called Sev Tech Ages. It was still Minecraft, and it got very grindy and buggy and only the first few ages were fully fleshed out. Also it involved Magic.

Until then nothing has come close until this game and I am very, very excited.

So brief outline of my Game idea was you were a caveman and you had to discover every technological advancement of humanity without tutorial you had to find a rock, smack them together and get a pointed rock. The idea was to progress all the way to the modern day. The score was to be a timeline for example each second being a year. Discoveries weren’t in order of how they were discovered today, but instead by meeting the pre-requisites. For example you can’t make a wheel until you’ve figured out some maths and wood carving.
Now my thoughts were later expansions could be added with additional advancements such as theology, or military. Another thought was an expansion that added future tech, things which are theoretically possible, but haven’t been figured out yet like fusion power.
Anyway, this game is set up in a way that could be that dream game.

Now there’s a few things which differ from my vision and not necessarily in a bad way.
My idea was to be a first person. You were the one to discover everything, You could also die and this would mean an ancestor would carry on. Sapiens is done in a sim/builder style, but with a first person perspective. Honestly this is so much better, I love city builders, and management sims.

My game was split into levels, this was to try and break the game down to be easier to work on. It would make the resources needed available at the correct levels, and each level a world would appear around you. Sapiens is an open world, this feels far more ambitious. It makes everything flow better from one “age” to the next.

My game was going to be strictly single player. If this game gets cooperative multiplayer that would be the dream, I’ve been looking for a city/builder with coop for ages, and if it happens to a game as amazing as this, that’s the cherry on the cake.

And with that, finally some suggestions for Sapiens from my game idea that would make this dream game complete to me.
Time - I want time to be in the game, sort of like a score. But the passage of time can only be discovered. sun-dials, constellations etc.
Age progression - at the moment we have stone-age, it’s mentioned in the FAQ’s to reach at least medieval, I really hope so. The further it can go the better and the more it will differentiate itself from other games. It also seems the perfect thing to be able to mod in.
Map making - To be able to travel based upon where has been explored. Adding an exploration fog.

My one concern at the moment is population. Micro-managing a tribe is fine to begin with, but further down the line, you’re going to need a large population. I hope that the game can handle that population and the tools are developed to manage that population as a player.