Natural Progression

It’s my understanding that you have a guy play with rocks to discover fire. It seems like that’s how a lot of “scientific advancements” type stuff will be made. It would be cool if at random a guy might try that on their own if left alone for too long - for example some guy on his own. Then you might eventually meet a guy who got fire by himself. Maybe even more?


This is a cool idea. It might be interesting to discovert another mildly advanced civilisation rather than just random cavemen when you go exploring.

I have no idea how easy this would be to code, but probably not very.


Would this mean that, if you dawdled in the Stone Age long enough, your cavemen could encounter a naturally occurring modernized city? :thinking:


That’s kind of the idea, but it would take a long time for anything that dramatic to occur. I was thinking more along the lines of if you go exploring you will find different settlements at different stages - Stone Age, Bronze Age, and some still before those, etc… That’s the idea anyway.


I love the idea, and I’ve been thinking about it for a long time already. Having NPC tribes advance alongside you is sort of one of those holy grail features. It could sort of happen in some capacity, but we can’t really simulate a whole world of tribes evolving alongside you, that’s a bit beyond what I’m wanting to achieve here. But I am thinking you’ll be encountering primitive Neanderthal tribes, and that you may be able to learn from some of them, or you might be best to avoid them or defend against or attack them too, depending on how each tribe reacts to yours.

The learning system that I’ll be implementing does open up the possibility for some other really cool features too. One thing I really want to have is the ability for your people to learn from each other. So one person might take a long time to independently discover fire, but once that one person learns how to do it, they can teach others, or others might learn just by watching. Skills could in particular be passed along to children, so I imagine you could have family specialties that get passed down the generations. Skills that aren’t used would never be seen and learned too, so they could be lost.

All of this stuff really excites me, and it could end up being the sorts of things that really make the game special. But it’s early days so I still can’t promise anything!


There is a good game I play that is called world of empires, on my phone. It is a game where you build your civilization and you have to take out all the others. It has the same advancement element. Maybe somehow you and the developer of that game could get together and implement that into your game. Just an idea, you could make something truly amazing with this game.