Ninja's Suggestions


Hey Dave! You’ve seen me commenting at youtube, under my name “André Valente”, my nickname is Ninja.
I am a pretty extensive guy, and I like to write and think a lot about stuff. I love this game of yours, so I want to help as I can :stuck_out_tongue:
Whenever I have more suggestions, I’ll post them here under this thread.

Hope this makes it easier for you: I won’t be posting in multiple posts regarding what kind of content I’m talking about. Just extensive lists of stuff, and texts developing ideas.

If you need any further details on ideas, or help regarding design stuff, just ask :wink:

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Although I can see why you’re putting it all in one thread, it’s better for you to make a thread per suggestion. This is because then Dave can see the feedback on each individual suggestion. Whereas when it’s all in one thread, it can be difficult to navigate the thread to find what comments are for what suggestion, etc. If you put a suggestion in it’s own thread, he doesn’t have that issue.


More Content stuff:

  • Idea for the hunting process: Start with only running around and trying to grab to hunt » then they would learn “tools”. It would begin with throwing rocks; evolving to making a slingshot-type of weapon out of branches and peel from big logs; spear (maybe not so useful for hunting chicken, being so small)… bow and arrow » then they could develop traps, and leave them for some time and chickens / other animals would end up there
  • As you did with “stone”, being the first tool, a branch / stick should also be the first tool. So, stick and rock. Eventually you would discover “rope” – with branches and peel from logs; and could connect them to make “axe”, “hammer”, “knife”… Stones would be useful to “smack” things. You could sharpen them, to make rudimental knifes.
  • Chopping down trees would not have happened in the beginning. They would need to tear down the bushes before that. Only after learning “axe”, would you be able to chop down a tree. So maybe they could “shake” trees, to make some branches fall, and leaves. Only after learning an “axe”, could they take the tree down.
  • Also to notice, bigger animals (like boar>pig / deer) would not be hunted by throwing stones, so players need to evolve in making new tools for hunting those bigger animals
  • Making fences, for some kind of enclosure on animals (sapiens should be able to direct animals by walking behind them or, in the chicken case, by grabbing them)
  • Action: grab
  • About chickens, they should start as aggressive animals in the wild, perhaps brown or black colored, that would bite back when grabbed. Only after you put them in a fence would they become tame. Eventually they would lay eggs.
  • Idea for random behavior in animals: once in a while, two of them would start fighting each other, like a small fight (not too frequent)
  • When sapiens breed, they should pass the learnt skills to their children
  • There should be good and bad berries, that would cause damage to the health. Also fruits in trees.
  • Eventually add fish to catch, first by hand, then by net (made out of ropes)
  • When a player develops some kind of building, you could be able to save it, like a pre-fab. After that, you just picked the pre-fab you made before, placed it in the world, and the sapiens would know the resources to build it. That way, buulding homes would become less tedious in the future. So like, first 2/3 houses, would require manual placement of walls, floor, ceiling. After that, you could have the option to build a pre-fab. The complexity would grow higher as a sapien would learn how to think and build stuff.

O totally get what you are saying, and understand it, and kind of agree with i, even. That’s why I expressed my doubts in the thread post.
I only did it this way because of the sheer amount of suggestions I think I will make. Splitting it all up would not only be spammy (as in me posting multiple threads at once), but also pretty labour intensive.

I agree it can be difficult to talk about all the ideas. So, from this day on, I will number each suggestion, so we can have some common ground on discussion.

If Dave or the community managers think this is not good, I will post in seperate threads. But cannot promise to do so many different posts or search the forums for alike suggestions. That takes a time that, unfortunately, I do not have :persevere:


Most of these ideas are good and sounds similar to some suggestions that I made on the Discord. Some of these are better than others but none of them are bad. In regards to chopping a tree down without an axe it can be done with a sharp Rock held in the hand but it will take a really long time. So based on the tool used it should affect the time required and the energy consumed by the character over that time. So based on that a character could tear a tree down by with their bare hands but would take forever and they would die in the process perhaps. It would be the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good.


Yeah, I totally agree with that!
Leaving hands bloody at the least.


If you wish for suggestions to get official consideration please give each its own thread :slight_smile:

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