Off topic megathread?


It makes sense to me to have a stickied mega thread rather than an off topic category. Not for games or anything, but for overall discussion that doesn’t exactly directly correspond to Sapiens itself- maybe game development itself, etc. I don’t expect it to be a big thing it would just be a nice replacement.


The Discord #off-topic channel? Massive threads on forums seem wrong to me, forums are great for finding information and single topic discussion per thread, but a single thread for a bunch of discussion seems broken.


Well, it has worked for Reddit. Most off-topic and things like LFG are squished into a megathread which is obviously different from the Discourse forum but it could work with the reply bubbles.
Is there a direct link to the Discord? If it’s not supposed to be in the public then you could PM me.


It has several hundred people, definitely not private heh


This is something we will review regularly.