Perma death

Will perma death be a thing?

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My plan at the moment is that the player cannot die at all. But your cavemen/villagers/workers (whatever they end up being) will definitely be able to die, and death for them will most likely be permanent.


That sounds pretty cool! I’d like that feature in Blockheads but… nah.

So does that mean war on other tribes?

I think so, yes. I do want the option of playing either cooperatively or competitively in multiplayer. And it’s not you that will be fighting, but your minions. How battles will actually work is not clear yet though.


That sounds like so much fun… I can just see the first battle, two players come up to each other with a minion army behind them running in circles waving their hands in the air. We are going to be so clueless when it comes to playing


What do you mean? It’s almost the same as the blockheads. You roam around the game and tell the Blockheads what to do. You can’t die but the Blockheads can.

I could imgine them doing the haka before commencing their battle


I meant I wish there was no Blockheads death on vanilla like 1.5 (I was joking though. :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Do players have their own avatars?

I believe your character will probably have some form, if for no reason other than that in MP others will be able to see you.

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