Plants (Trees, Bushes, Fruits, Vegetables)

The following list is meant to help when choosing what kind of flora to bring into Sapiens. These are some of the most common around the world.
Plants could serve to add variety to the game, helping as decoration, food, Poison, medicine, farming devices.

Mushrooms (good and poisonous) - food; medicine and poison
• White mushroom (good)
• Maitake (good for food, medicinal)
• Turkey tail (food; medicine)
• Death cap (as the name says)
• Skullcap (called skull for some mean reason)

• Carrot
• Letuce
• Tomato
• Potato
• Maize (corn)
• Rice

• Daisy
• Orchid
• Sunflower
• Jasmim
• Lavender
• Poison flowers / with Poison berries
• Poppy
• Rose
• Tulip
• Violet

  • Dandelion

Berry bushes
• Strawberry
• Raspberry
• Blackberry
OR just

  • “Berry”

• Cotton (good for making warm clothes)
• Fern

  • Reed
  • Mangrove

Fruit Trees
• Orange
• Apple and Pear
• Peach
• Banana
• Coconut (Palm tree)
• Cherry
• Coffee
• Grape (how about some wine making in a future expansion?)
• Olive

• Sequoia
• Bamboo
• Birch
• Pine
• Maple
• Oak


  • Kelp
  • Coral
  • Water Lilly

This topic is up for editing. Any suggestions made can be added or removed from the list.


I like the different lists you put on here. Thank you.
And mangroves are an unique tree that should be added. Reed as well. Because the beaches are a very important habitat.