Post release updating

I was thinking about this thread. There you said that you would get the game to 1.0 and from there it would be just bugfixes (or straight to 2.0). And that you would let it for the modders to add new content after full release. And I think it is a good idea but I also think that it would be hard to keep players engaged for a longer time in a game like this when they run out of content (if the modders wont be very active) but you could do something like the dlcs work in Mount and Blade: Warband. They work the same way as mods but they are from the game developers and are listed in dlcs on steam. So you could make some “official mods” after the release that would add content. That way you won’t have to modify the source code and it won’t break older mods. They would be under dlcs so people would notice them right away (probably install them as well if they were free), and won’t have to look trough the huge amount of joke mods that don’t really add anything to the game and just take up space in workshop.