Price for the game


Does any one know a price range or a prediction for how much money it would cost.


The price isn’t set in stone yet, but probably ~$20.

Around $20 probably. It just depends what ends up feeling right at the time, given what I end up with! - majicDave

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but, if you want to reach more people on the world (like me) to be interested to purchase the game, $20 is actually quite expensive. Bigger game user means bigger community. Please consider community size, instead of only profit. This game is about community i think.


$20 at release is extraordinary cheap for a game like this…

Dave is one of the most (if not the most) community friendly developers I know. One purchase and you own the game forever… for a third of the price of buying Assassins Creed Odyssey at release. Oh, and did I mention Dave plans for no loot crates / XP boosters / other scammy in app purchases like the aforementioned game has?


Good point, but after all, Assassins Creed and stuff like that are triple A games, worked on by many people and not just a one man army like Dave is.

@nedisawego $20 ain’t bad. And as for community size, look at Minecraft. The game costs just as much, if not more than $20 and it’s community size is huge.


Well put @Bibliophile 20 dollars is nothing when compared to the actual effort put into the game. I was honestly quite surprised Dave put such a low amount as his initial thoughts.

I would easily be happy to pay even 30, just to show my support and appreciation for Dave’s hard work.


$20 is really cheap tbh i mean i thought it would be abt 30-50


It’s a solo Dev Game so no need to pay dozens of employees. To be fair though the price is very fair.