Profile pic ideas

Gimme profile pic ideas

This isn’t technically a profile picture, but go to CoolText, find a style you like and set the text to the first letter of your username. I used the Nova style.

Just find a random picture on your device that isn’t personal, and there you go. (This is how I got my pug on hamburger on TBH forums)

This is the link to users page lol

Oh R.I.P.
I’ll fix it.

How do I get the photo

Click Download to download the images. Or right click/hold on the image and click Save image as/Save Image.

@loganisgreat Here, I made you this from cooltext and a stock photo. Not bad, eh?

The quality isn’t great, but that won’t matter when it’s shrunk down to 45×45 for use as an avatar. And yes, I have checked and this does in fact look good when the edges are cropped to a circle.