Prowess (special skills)

Night is coming, and you have few materials. Who knows whats in the dark (Dave does). Hiding in your cave with your fellow Ambients. A fire would be helpful right about now. Or, some water to keep yourself hydrated. Strength, to ward off any coming threats. Even speed, to dash off. Here’s where Prowess comes in.
A mid-game, high tier event, a prowess is your certain ability that allows you to achieve something quicker. It does not grant you anything- it simply speeds it up. For example, a Fire Prowess would be able to halve the recipe for fire, or craft it quicker. Strength doesn’t automatically come for you, you gain it even faster when you’re doing activities. Speed is enhanced after wearing your first pair of boots. This is all assuming any of these features come in, so maybe it’s a system. (see other thread)

You can get these prowesses through a cave painting system, where you’d learn the prowess and utilize it through a sacrifice or sorts (experience?). You can have 1 prowess, permanently, unless you want to change it. In that case you’d lose the prowess, and then have some other sort of decline. If you’d like to upgrade your prowess, you would get the same prowess again, and the effects would be enhanced.


This sounds cool, although would it be applied to the little cavemen dudes you control, or your “character” itself?
(From the few devblogs I watched, it seems like it’s more controlling cavemen to do stuff for you instead of doing it yourself, however it’s been some time since I’ve seen one, so stuff might have changed…)


Maybe have specialized cavemen?

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Didn’t think about it, thought of it more as a TPS or FPS. I agree with Gerry, then :slight_smile:

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