PVE and PVP war and battles


I have a lot of suggestions for this game and i would love to see if any of my ideas are already going to be features. I would love to see how war works. I think it would be fun if declaring war with a npc tribe was almost similar to the Sid Myers civilization games. If there was another tribe that had resources you want, they were just a little too close, or if they were hostile, or if you just want to go to war you can attack them or outright declare war. If you attack them they will either fight back (if they fight back and lose they will declare war or surrender, if they win they might see you as weak and ignore you, or declare war) they will surrender (if they surrender you can take their land, resources, and people) or they will run away (if they run away you can give chase or let them go) and if they attack you. Since you are the player you basically do whatever the game will allow you to do. That was one of the main suggestions i have but i am wondering how declaring war with other players will work.


War with other tribes would be awesome!


This is probably something that will inevitably be a part of the game, but it seems that Dave is leaning more towards cooperation than PVP. Maybe certain mechanics could make it costly to be a warmonger. I think a cool way of solving the conflict between cooperation and PVP could be that war is something that Sapiens might do on their own but that it is the players job to curb tribalism and work with other players to create larger, harmonious societies. Then maybe players could work together to wipe out all the NPC societies haha.