Pyramid & Domestic yak

This was an ancient pyramid from Eygpt. I think I’ll suggest it from desert land that you can see 3 or less pyramid.

Pyramid: Can be found in the desert land when you get in there’s a bone, skull, and also a mummy or a casket from mummy. There are also traps or maybe not and treasures in that pyramid treasure have coins, golds, crystals, and etc.

Domestic Yak: Can be found desert they can spawn on wheat they eat grasses mostly largely grass and you can ride on the domestic yak for desert land.

I read this as “For Dessert” and then once I read it again I was rather disappointed.

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There I’ve renamed the topic as a pyramid and domestic yak as a title it says and sorry about the last topic.

i know this is over a year old but i love the idea of pyramids!