Quality of Life - Building Blueprints

When it comes to building vast towns and cities, having to build every structure individually might get tedious. Therefore having pre-set/custom blueprints for entire structures might make it easier for players to build bigger settlements.

I’ll explain with an example; if you were building a street of two-storey houses which were similar if not identical, wouldn’t it be convenient if you could simply build the house once and copy/paste it for the entire street? The builders would still have to collect the resources for it, but the blueprint would simply be one click for the whole house rather than many clicks for the individual walls, doorways and roofs. Blueprints would be far quicker and would open the prospect of large town development to more casual players. There could perhaps even be a Steam Workshop where you could upload blueprints of your castles or other such structures for others to use, like Medieval Engineers does.

This feature is not essential nor game-changing, which is why I’d call it a Quality of Life improvement for further down the line. It would probably be more useful the further into the game you are, when you have more people to manage.

Just a suggestion. I could be convinced of its usefulness either way.


Brilliant idea!

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This is definitely a simple enough thing to add that I’m sure it will eventually be implemented. If the game gets to a point where you’re building dozens and dozens of houses, I’m sure this will be necessary. Although maybe your Sapiens will simply build houses autonomously if they are in need of it.

However, I think this won’t be necessary until pretty far down the road of development. Dave has only recently started working on content, so there will probably be a lot of mechanics (skills, reproduction, hostile creatures, etc.) to work on before the civilizations get very large.

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Don’t worry Dave has already said that this game will have modding and of course will be connected to the steam workshop. And yes creating your own blueprints ingame and then copypast them is a brilliant idea!

  • When a player develops some kind of building, you could be able to save it, like a pre-fab/blueprint. After that, you just picked the pre-fab you made before, placed it in the world, and the sapiens would know the resources to build it. So like, first 2/3 houses, would require manual placement of walls, floor, ceiling. After that, you could have the option to build a pre-fab. The complexity would grow higher as a sapien would learn how to think and build stuff.