Question about Theme Dark/Light


I was expecting this theme can change the ambience forum background to light means white backgrounds like on BH forums but I think it’s not working here’s the pic I tried to I do the save change to and it says save changes.

I also tried not to check the ”Make this my default theme on all devices” but didn’t work too also I try that was checked before I try not to check nothing happened is still Dark background I have.


I believe that’s because the “default” was changed by dave/milla, and the default that was changed was the light theme. You have to make a custom theme if you want an actual light one if I’m remembering correctly. There’s another topic on the matter somewhere in these forums.


Yep, Erick is right. The root theme that both the light and dark theme inherit from was changed, so there’s actually no difference anymore.


Thank you guys for answers. I’ll just stick to the dark background since I liked too :wink: