Questions category please?

The title explains it all. I assume everyone probably has a lot of questions about this game, so maybe a questions-about-the-game category would be a good addition?
(Unless the inevitable flood of curious forumers is too overwhelming… maybe some things are best kept unknown :stuck_out_tongue: )


I don’t think that a questions forum will be pertinent until at least an alpha (or beta) are out. Until then, more general questions can probably be asked in the general discussion category. :slight_smile:


General ciscussion is for all questions until such a time as we have a release candidate in at least one store. At that point we will need a questions category so people can get community support there.

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Not to argue, but doesn’t that make it more work for you later to have to move all of peoples questions to the question category?

No. I won’t be moving any but the most recent at that time. The relevancy of the older questions will be negligible by then.