Quite fast paced

Hello there!

First of all, I love the game, I can see myself spending hours upon hours in this already. A few things that I noticed, not particularly negative as I will enjoy the game nontheless.
I found the game or at least the research and seasons be extremely fast paced. I played for 11 hours straight and took my time with it and I still finished with the research.
I felt a little pressured when I still wanted to build with wood and thatch but when I already researched bricks.
The seasons also feel rather quick and winter doesnt really seem intimidating after the first one. I never had an issue with cold nor food after the first winter and as the winter was rather short it never really became an issue again.
Personally I think the game could benefit by slowing things down a tic and maybe increasing the birthrate for new sapiens.

Well this would be my initial feedback. I had experienced some bugs, nothing gamebraking or annoying I think it is really refined.


  • Creaper

I agree! The research seems very one-dimensional. Just click a button and it’s done within a day. Definitely felt the same about the wood/brick building situation.

Would you prefer it to be just slower research in general or have you got another research system in-mind that you think’d work well in this game?

Well slower Research and maybe that it might take some time until you can really research something. But to really make it work in a slower way a slightly different research system would be needed.