I wonder if Dave is planning on adding mobs, I just came up with an idea.


Spawn from a plant called carrots, when killed by your people they have rabbit meat, or rabbit leather/skin.

Maybe you can command your people to make a rabbit stew?

Maybe I’m partial to rabbits because of my username, but I’m thinking mobs in game would be a cool idea, in general, not just rabbits.


I think milla would love this! XD


It should’ve been added in somewhere in Devblog #1-5. Even before the essentials!

If you posted this on the blockheads forums, it would sound plausible too!

Oh dang… I just had a whole thread about stuff like this, and yet you just said it within a few sentences—oh, how silly I am!

Well, then again, I was more specific in my suggestion, so perhaps a little “never mind,” might go well right here.

Sorry about this but since rabbit is taken from other games let’s be more specific about the name how about:
Hare - a fast-running, long-eared mammal that resembles a large rabbit, having long hind legs and occurring typically in grassland or open woodland. Probably when you wanted to kill this it’s not going to be easy they are running with great speed! And the scientific name: Lepus.

So let’s have a poll

  • Rabbit
  • Hare
  • Scientific name hare to - Lepus

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Why does it matter if rabbits are in different games? It even says in the rules that it doesn’t for suggestions.

Well sorry about tho I just don’t want to be offended what my friend talking about majic jungle just wanted to copy from Minecraft I shouldn’t listen to my friend at the first place because my friend talking of useless things about this game Sorry I noticed about this. And please I hope you understand me! I also closed the poll I loved what idea you had and named to Rabbit :blush: