Raiding Tribes

In a recent Ambience DevBlog, Dave said he wanted some threats, then Porky suggested other tribes, this gave me an idea.

Other tribes can raid you, by taking your stuff and/or damaging it, or killing your people.

It would be cool if there was some revenge you could take too.


Well Dave also said that Ambience is about cooperation rather than competition. Tribes implies competition.

I thought he meant AI tribes…

Maybe you would only have a few un-cooperative tribes, but the majority would trade and stuff with you.

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It could be similar to the way the natives deal with the player in Colonization. At first they’re giving you stuff to help the poor little guy out and then when you start to encroach on their area they get more and more uncooperative.


Please tell me that people here have heard of at least that game. Sid Meier’s Colonization might have been a little less well known but the game dynamics were pretty good.
It’s getting a little worrisome that the only two games this has been compared to so far, besides Blockheads, are Minecraft and Vikings.

I’ve absolutely heard of it, haven’t played it (yet) and thus wasn’t sure how good of a comparison to Ambience it would be.

I like the idea of incredibly dynamic relationships with other tribes.

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I’d like the idea of passive until attacked tribes as at least an option in world creation, something similar to what Polytopia uses.

This is starting to sound like Rimworld and Stonehearth