Release plan


This sounds like a good idea to me. In terms of content, I suppose we don’t really need updates when mods are readily available, so it all works out, maybe even better than it would with updates.


I think a game that you love and have been playing for a while deserves to have content updates every once in a while. I get that there will be mods and you don’t want to break them. Maybe some small content updates every 6 months or something? I just don’t want the game to stay the same forever, which I am not sure if I understood your plan. I support whatever you do with this game though.


Sounds Good! :smiley:


My only question is can I alpha/beta test.


Me too ahaha


Probably only can beta from this game is who have “regular” titles at the side of their username or little bit down says T under their profile pic.


I assume he’ll recruit testers once the game is testable and complete.


How about updates that come in a form of paid DLCs?


That’s kind of fundamentally against Dave’s plan…

I think mods will completely nullify the need for DLCs. With a suitably flexible modding system, devs will be able to add practically anything they like.


DLC’s would be cool. I know for cities skylines nobody recreates the dlcs in a mod form, because that would be too big of a project.


Right, but Dave’s plan is that if he comes up with a content update that big (from my understanding) that would be released as “Sapiens 2”, a separate game. Otherwise could make all previous mods no longer work, if I understand correctly.


From my understanding DLC’s are separate from the game, so maybe mod authors would have to make mods specifically for that version of the game?

I don’t really know


Ah, see I’m not exactly sure what a DLC is. Is it just a paid content pack (basically a mod that costs money)? I thought it was basically an update that must be purchased.


That is the basic idea of it.