Roads and Routes

I don’t think there is yet a topic about this.
In the game, mid-begining, sapiens should find about paths/routes.

This would eventually evolve into roads.

The idea would be to create a visual cue for a path that is frequently used by sapiens to go somewhere (= their markings on the floor). The road would provide useful after the begining, since it helps with city planning.

When there are two or more main areas in someone’s game / village, sapiens would tend to use the same path (the faster, with less height variation. Maybe pathfinding works like this already) , creating a rudimentary road. After that, they would learn to cover the floor with some elements and markings, making it safer/faster for animal transportation and eventually, wheeled wagons.

Perhaps using the road could increase speed of travel (as in real life). Also, if there is a road, sapiens would tend to use them instead of random walking.

They could use stones as the first element of pavement (after the pure markings that multiple feet carve on the ground). When they learn about cement they would use that and so on.

They could learn about paths/Routes after the first two or three carvings by feet are noticed. Then, gamers could use them right of the bat and plan a road, with a dust paving.


I like the idea of paths. That would make nomadic tribes a lot more attractive and would speed up the time spend on trading.

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