Sapien lineage and familial trades/skills

To add an element of personality, longevity and history to the sapiens I was wondering if lineage, familial trades and familial skills could be added. Hear me out…

Historically speaking, skills within communities were developed, shared and then mastered. As communities grew it became more efficient to rely of certain individuals for certain tasks. The development of skills has been neatly covered by the skill functionality already demonstrated in a few videos.

My suggestion is the ability to specialise individuals/ groups at certain skills, let’s say hunting, (possible with the current functionality) but also have entire families specialise at these skills (not currently possible). Blacksmith father could pass on skills to blacksmith apprentice son. Basket weaver mother passes on skills to basket weaver daughter. And so on.

Around this, it might also be nice to be able to track lineage. You could see a tree of all the ancestors who went before.

This obviously has the potential to open a whole can of worms but I think there’s something there.

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Love it. It would add a very personal touch to the game and it would als feel like real history.

This would also make the game even more unique than it already is. At least I don’t know if there is a game out there which does that already.


Absolutely love it!

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I think the most natural way of doing this would be that children follow around their parents until they’re old enough to be on their own. As they follow around their parents, they’d watch them do their jobs and learn how to do it as well. By the time they were old enough to be on their own, they would naturally continue to use that skill since its what they’re best at.

So what I’m saying is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be a strict “lineage” system. All the sapiens use the skills they’re best at, so children would naturally use the skills they learned from their parents. Without having a forced system of lineage, it would also allow for the possibility that some children would break away from the family business much like real life.

Later in the game, maybe there would be teachers which would cause “family businesses” to be less common since children have an opportunity to learn broader subjects. This is also what has happened in real life.


We also have to account for the possibility that a child’s parents may die before they have learned their skill, should that lead to that the child doesnt have a profession? I don’t think so. The child could be adopted by another family in that situation.

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That’s a neat way of handling that actually.

Moving from apprentice style to schooling is also really clever.

I do still like the idea of lineage/ family trees but I think this would just be too big for not enough gain.

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Love it.

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