Sapiens to debut in Steam Next Fest June 2022

After 7 long years of development, Sapiens will finally be in your hands very shortly! A time-limited demo will be released when Sapiens participates in the Steam Next Fest, June 13-20, 2022, with the full early access release coming soon after. Don’t forget to add Sapiens to your wishlist!

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I’ve been waiting for 7 years since Dave dropped the first World Project video, let’s go!

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Did you ever apply to become a beta tester? I haven’t seen you around.

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Yay!! June/July is perfect to have another game to play :heart_eyes:

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I didn’t apply, assuming it’s finished beta now though.

Oh, I’m surprised that you didn’t apply.

And yes, the game is in a state where it’s ready for the public to purchase.

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It’s still in beta though

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very good

Nice, can’t wait

Yeah, and?