Here are some screenshots that Dave has shared via Twitter over the past two years, while he’s been working on the Ambience engine.


Some of the screenshots I really enjoyed seeing from Dave’s tweets:


All of these look great, I’m especially in love with the ones with water. Oddly calming.


I’m the same :slight_smile:


These look like nice wallpapers.


They are really good wallpapers. I had showed this one to my mother the other night and she couldn’t tell it wasn’t real at first.

Click Me


Added mine :slight_smile:



That’s actually a great idea, I’ll use one as a wallpaper too.


Stunning photos! So excited for the game.


Wow! These photos look amazing! Reminds me of a game called Salt.


Those mountain forests! :heart_eyes:
I know where I’ll start my civilization if I get this game!


The lighting and graphics are amazing. Now we just need some sparkle effects for strawberries and I’m sold.


Found this on Ambience’s Facebook…

Seems there was some trouble with the landmasses that day… it looks kinda cool.


Ahh! These are all so beautiful!!! :heart_eyes:


Kinda reminds me of the Deathstar…


The globe is suppose to look like earth right?


Some more pictures of Dave’s “bugs of the day” from facebook.


I actually really like the death star world :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks more like Coruscaunt (I have absolutely no idea how to spell that) to me though


I totally stalked his twitter for these:

Personally, I love the ones with mountains and lakes. I’m using the middle one as my mac desktop image


Oh gosh. These are beautiful. I can’t believe it’s just a game, it looks so nice. Literally equal to what I’ve seen in reality.