Could I maybe use some of these screenshots for the profile background and/or user card background? They just look so beautiful!


This is my personal favorite so far :slight_smile:


Lovely shot, reminds me of summer!


Wow, beautiful work of the reflection in the water, can see the ripples and movement.


Good thing you’re the developer and not me. Holy smokes, If I created all this, I’d be taking screenshots for 80% of the day and patting myself on the back for the remaining 20%. (joking, but not joking)


It just looks so real…


I like this one a lot.


Ooh!! I’ll have to make that my desktop.


That is just lovely. The reflection of the trees on the water is beautiful!


I was just about to ask which is your favorite.


I’d use these as my wallpaper but I like my Umbreon one too much :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this is my favorite one so far.

From Twitter

Is it possible to go underwater?

I LOVE how it reflects off the water. Looks prettier than real life to be honest



did- did you just screenshot an image instead of link it?
you monster


I’d love to see the purple sunset. The detail is extremely well done


Uhh… I still haven’t got an answer…


Sorry, yep sure that’s fine.


Are you actually going to make special downloadable wallpapers like you did The Blockheads or will people just use theirs and other peoples screensots?


I’m going to make some higher resolution wallpapers, yep. I’d quite like to make a big print on canvas of a scene from Ambience, and hang it on the wall in my new office. So I need to make a way to export out high resolution renders, and pretty soon :slight_smile: