Is there one that would work for a phone screen? I need a new wallpaper, and I would like an Ambience one.


Just save any of these images and set them as your phone screen, they work great. I’ve done it for my lock screen.


Thanks, I got it now. It looks great!


Ayyy geometry dash :ok_hand:


Ayyy Blockheads :ok_hand:

back on topic though hehe.


I don’t know, I’m split between the Pillars of Creation or one of these for my background! Decisions, decisions!
Dave has done a fantastic job at graphics—I was wondering at getting this, now I’m at least 50% more likely to, due to the graphics alone.


This man has some pointy features.



I guess you could say that he’s looking pretty sharp. :wink:


I see Dave has made the transition from cavemen to elves :elf:‍♂


They look much less scary like trees now:




Ok you gotta put what Dave said with that picture. It’s pretty funny.




They look so… angry…


He looks like he’s giving a thumbs up :joy: It’s good, but he ain’t sharing.


Wow… these pictures are beautiful!!


I’m so speechless about this most I loved about nature of this ambience and the reflection of an Earth :scream:

Is there any planet besides the ambience planet?

Edit: making a house hehe


Wow—looks like he’ll have a thing like a spade or shovel to sort of ‘terraform.’


I just now watched #19 XD