Help!! A little bit question is we only can see here us our character or we can see everyone that whose hiding in the sea :fearful:


I would assume you could see everyone’s… caveman guys (seriously, what are these dudes called??) because of the water’s transparency.


Maybe theyre called “Ambiencers”




How about posting a link to a tweet instead of taking a screenshot in future?


Ok my bad.


If I had this game, I could never stop looking at the landscape.


If I’m making a prehistoric game, I’m gonna need one of these at some point

wow that turned out sweet. Can’t wait to get them roaming around.


I wonder what can be craft on the campfire because it’s a lot and smoking toasty!

By @majicDave


Imagine a bug where when they go into the fire they start spinning around for no reason. :stuck_out_tongue:


This game really similar what looks like will be animals here

PARADE! - The Rhythm Battle




Dinosaur size chicken! I would not want to meet that chicken or try collecting her eggs!


Possible final boss? Lol


What A beautiful surprise for me because the ambience character name “Santiago” and I guess that was my last name hehe.


I remember this! And it’s still funny! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


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Oh. :pensive:


It’s OK @BecauseItsthere don’t worry about it. Welcome to the community:)


It’s fine, no one’s mad at you. I was truing to be helpful. Like Dave said, welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: