Probably a bit early for major suggestions but…
Seasons and weather add the effect of non-static world. That is why I love games like BH and sims that have seasons.
Although I haven’t seen much of how ambience will work. seasons/temperature would vary according to location would affect how the “tribe people”? work, and it would affect what plants can grow at a particular time and location.
During autumn, the birch trees would go yellow/red, snowline would drop, plants would go into hibernation.
Winter, snow is everywhere, nothing can grow, no leaves on trees.
Spring, flowers growing everywhere, snowline receding, More plants grow. A lot of rain
Summer, potential for everything to go dry, severe thunderstorms, all the trees have their leaves back

Just a rough outline, honestly ambience already looks incredibly pretty, I would love to see seasons and weather to see a changing landscape.


Fantastic description! I believe Dave has a climate model in the works:


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The climate model is all done, and is used to calculate biomes. So every location has an average temperature, wind strength and direction, and rainfall, for both summer and winter.

I’m not sure exactly how that information will be used yet though. Some trees will definitely be seasonal, and there will be weather. Can’t wait to work on that stuff :slight_smile:


Will there be tornados and cyclones?

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I hope so…
Also Dave do you think a weak pc that can’t even play scrap mechanic (or OBS studio) can play ambience
(Ps don’t read it’s off topic : I’m banned from ROBLOX on my birthday.)

Is there will be a Tropical cyclone in ambience?

Storm: when the weather is really heavy.

Typhoon: every month anywhere on biomes

Wind: every minute it’s just like a tree leaf moving.

Rain: when gets cloudy and heavy weather.

Drought: in the desert, all will be dry in the desert.

Blizzard: when all the snow gets down to your land.

Snow winter: this will be a heavy weather in cold temperature.

Volcano: this one is new in blockheads they are under the land and here will be on the ground that you need to evacuate when it get started to erupt.

Landslide: this is new too when heavy rain arrives and the mountain can cause landslide I think I don’t like to suggest this too OP

Why not trees that get struck by lightning and supply free wood? Just a thought

The wood would burn.