This is a multiplayer game, so here are some of my suggestions on how to run it. There are some viable options that I personally think would work well.

  1. Cloud servers
    Much like TBH cloud servers, an Ambience server is purchased with in game currency (or IAP), and hosted with such. It can be set to private, public, or searchable in the UI.
  2. LAN servers
    Just like Minecraft’s LAN server. If you don’t know how that works, here’s a link.
  3. Ambience servers
    The best solution of all, IMO, Ambience servers are similar to FPS MMO games. A server is bought and hosted in a certain region, with multiple of them hosted around the world. Your ping is lessend by joining a server close to you. Each server is expected to players generally speaking the language of the area in voice chat and text chat.

Here is what majicDave has said about multiplayer.

I thought it might be cool for there to be a cloud like The Blockheads, but I got to thinking about it, if people pay 20 or 30 USD for this game, they aren’t going to want to pay more for servers.

The problem with ingame currency is that what happened to The Blockheads will happen to ambience. PC computers are much more powerful and are more capable of modifying programs. It would be even easier for knowledgable people to get more currency and unfairly create cloud servers.


Honestly, Dave could do something like Halo CE server hosting.

Sorry about bumping, but I have a question is the server will have to pay? Is there will be paid if you going to create a multiplayer server.

Maybe it’ll be like the mac server owner thing for TBH, and it’ll be free

Dave answered this already in the quote in KP7’s post.

There won’t be a cloud service - at least initially. This means that you have to host your own world, which either requires running the game all the time on your own PC, or paying for and setting up a host with some VPS company.

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