Several settlements managment

Hello everyone,
how is automatic division of labor in the later game when the player has several settlements. In comparative games, I always had the problem that my citizens were always running back and forth between the villages, for example if I had built a building in another village.
Can you be able to assign the citizens of a settlement / region. So that people only work on food, wood, and buildings nearby without having to travel long distances.

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Dave said this:

majicDave 04/02/2019
:smiley: There shouldn’t be any reason why you couldn’t send off some smaller part of your tribe to start a new settlement somewhere else at least.

I also think in the 50th Devlog Part #1 or #2 he talks about how you can assign sapiens to work in certain areas and do things that are close by, which should mitigate the issue of them running across the world to do something.