Sign up to be an alpha tester!

I’m super excited writing this, the time has finally come, and we have started the Sapiens closed alpha.

It will be a slow rollout where I’ll send a few keys out every couple of weeks for a number of months, so don’t be upset if you don’t get in straight away, spots are very limited.

You must have a 64-bit version of Windows 10, and initially you must have a GTX960 graphics card (or AMD equivalent) or better. I won’t be accepting any testers with integrated graphics for now, as the game isn’t playable without a fairly decent graphics card at the moment.

I also will need you to actively test the game and provide feedback! Sapiens is fun to play already, but there are also missing features and bugs, even more so than what you’d expect in an Early Access title. If you’re just really keen on playing a good game, then you should probably just wait until it’s ready and released. But if you want to help me to make this game all it can be by giving me lots of great feedback and filing detailed bug reports when you encounter a problem, then I’d like your help.

If you would like to test, I need to know these things from you:

  • The graphics card make and model, and also the CPU of the PC you intend to use for testing.
  • If you’re an active member of the community on Discord or elsewhere, let me know who you are, it might help your chances!
  • And please tell me if there is anything in particular that I should know about you, if you’re media, a youtuber or interested in or have experience writing mods for example, that’s all important, so let me know.

Please send me this information in a direct message on the forums here. Here is a link to do that:

You won’t hear anything back from me initially, and there are no guarantees, but if you’ve sent the message with the info I asked for, then you’ll be on the list.

Thanks, and good luck!


Awesome! Good luck sorting through all those messages :D!


Tester or not, I’m going to very much enjoy this game :smiley:


Thanks so much to everyone who has sent through their details. I received over 100 messages in the first 24 hours, so as you can imagine I won’t be getting back to everyone immediately!

Given so many great responses, my plan is to run it much like a lottery using a random number generator, so again please don’t be offended if you miss out, and remember I’ll be very slowly getting in touch as I need new testers over the next several months.

And if you haven’t got in touch yet, it’s not too late. It’s not first in first served, I’ll try to keep it fair so everyone gets a chance. I don’t know yet how many testers I’ll need exactly, but I’d guess it will be a fair amount more than 100 by the time we get to the end.

I’m so glad so many of you are keen. Thanks again, and I look forward to sending out the next batch of keys!


Whats the limit to how many people will become testers?

Probably (hopefully) not too many.
Old mate Dave needs to be able to keep tabs on the reports and having like 100 people on the alpha group with just him receiving info will get overwhelming quickly. While a smaller amount of people might not find ALL the bugs, a smaller amount of people will be easier for him (and them) to work with. My guess would just be a handful of people (like 20) or maybe more if they prove not to be very useful.


The game is very impressive. The work done is also impressive. You can count on me, I have been following your work for a long time and I am inspired by your work.

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