Small- medium- and large storage plots

Currently, you can stock one type of item per storage plot, and the storage plots take up quite a bit of land. Not that land is a scarcity, but it’s, in my opinion, unnessecarily ugly and inconvenient to have all these storage plots for every single item in the game in your Sapiens’ base of operations.

What I propose is different sizes storage plots, so you can put smaller things (fruit, meat, stones) in smaller plots, and have finite maximum amounts of storage per plot, depending on the size of the plot.
Example: medium plots can take 10 bunches of hay OR 20 stones OR 25 pieces of meat, but no sticks and logs; large plots can take larger amounts of the same items and can include larger things like large rocks and logs.

A quality-of-life UI feature: you can designate what item is to be stored in a plot, in a setting that is defaulty on ‘anything’. If the plot is used already by another item, it’s contents will be emptied (by the Sapiens) to other storage plots if possible, and otherwise they’ll be thrown somewhere in vacant space. Once they are empty (whether they were always empty or were emptied), they will only accept items of the kind the player has assigned.

Storage plots should be designated somehow, I suggest by four sticks stuck in the ground in the corners to signify where the storage plot is located.
Not only does this improve gameplay, it improves realism, because how the heck are the Sapiens going to know to put their stuff in some abstract square on the ground?

Maybe you could even have different kinds of storage plots; for example ones with stone floors instead of dirt to delay the spoiling of food stored in them (for I am convinced Dave will implement food spoiling sometime or other), or ones with horizontal sticks to hang grass on, on wich it will dry into hay faster, or ones that function like composters.
Heck, maybe even fenced off plots to keep small livestock and fowl. Although animal fencings, in my mind, would be better off being placed freely by the player.