Specs required

What computer requirements are needed to play ambience? I’ve not the best computer, or at least the one I use most frequently. I can barely run Overwatch on high, and I get 45 FPS. What specs are needed to run Ambience? (or expected to)


The specs are not set yet, it’s still very early for this game. Although, I remember Dave saying (not sure where) that it’s not going to be too spec-hefty, because he has an older iMac.


Keep in mind that if the game is still a few years off, your computer (and everyone’s) will be even older and slower. In addition, that time may provide you with a chance to get a newer computer. I realize that may be a bummer, but if you keep it in mind you may see some opportunities you would have otherwise missed.
Currently the best I have is Windows 10, and I’m hoping to keep this computer after the end of the school year but that’s not a certainty so I might have to buy a new one myself. So these are just things running through my mind that I thought I’d share. :slight_smile:

Well, my PC is absolute trash, and if the game is as good as we all hope it will be, I most likely wont be able to play it :smile:
However, good question. I could have a new PC by then. As time goes on, more stuff will be added and removed from the game, so wouldnt the specs change?

Maybe dave could try something some other games do for devices with poor performance.

Maybe he could have a setting where you could change the graphics from Low, Medium, and High quality.

A few years…
I will have a mac and a steam in a few years

Maybe, just maybe I can get the 1.0 of this game


Yep and I already knew that

You will need windows 9 to run ambience



Click to continue this sentence (laggy)


I has windows 7 pro :frowning:

It’s sarcasm :confused:
Windows 9 doesn’t exist


Windows 10 is the latest windows software, so ehhh…

Eh, good point!

and the Spring Creator’s Update that’s coming out soon xP.
As for my specs, hopefully they are good enough to run the game:
Intel Core i7-2600 (worries me the most)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

As it looks, an i3 should be sufficient to run this game, if you even need that much. Your graphics card is probably overkill as well.

my old pc:


my current pc: (link pending)

It’s not even a mobile game.

Specs required are currently known to be not particularly extreme, and I’m absolutely sure that when the game is released there will be an official recommended hardware list.

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Ambience is not a mobile game. It might become one after Dave has finished the initial version, but I find that highly unlikely.


Assuming you have an HP laptop and not a desktop:

Laptops are not generally designed for gaming- I can hardly run Overwatch at 10 frames on my office laptop. Desktops are far superior in that aspect, even if they’re utter garbage like mine. I have a $400 PC that has decent RAM but a poor processor. However, the computer is better than the generic laptop hardware and so I can run Overwatch at a steady 40 fps. Which isn’t enough to be good, mind you, but enough to play.

Lol I’ll be watching YouTubers be playing project ozone on Minecraft and I look at their FPS and it is like 115 or 90, mine gets a max of 30.:smirk:. Hoping I can still play though

I feel like even with weaker PCs this game won’t be very intensive. I’ve played a lot of these games before and generally they aren’t that intensive whatsoever. My old PC ran Rimworld with 150+ mods on an i3 processor absolutely no problem, so I’m sure a game like this won’t be too taxing, especially if lower graphical setting options are added.