Specs required


It’s not even a mobile game.

Specs required are currently known to be not particularly extreme, and I’m absolutely sure that when the game is released there will be an official recommended hardware list.


Ambience is not a mobile game. It might become one after Dave has finished the initial version, but I find that highly unlikely.


My PC is just a box. It is HP but it runs slowly on high graphics.

And no, “hp” does not stand for high power :confused:


Slowly on high graphics? Mine is trash on lowest graphics at 640x480.


It can’t run far distances without lagging little or a lot. Nor a lot of things on the ground or are there to improve maps. It’s a used computer that I got in 2015 that came installed with windows 7.


Assuming you have an HP laptop and not a desktop:

Laptops are not generally designed for gaming- I can hardly run Overwatch at 10 frames on my office laptop. Desktops are far superior in that aspect, even if they’re utter garbage like mine. I have a $400 PC that has decent RAM but a poor processor. However, the computer is better than the generic laptop hardware and so I can run Overwatch at a steady 40 fps. Which isn’t enough to be good, mind you, but enough to play.


Lol I’ll be watching YouTubers be playing project ozone on Minecraft and I look at their FPS and it is like 115 or 90, mine gets a max of 30.:smirk:. Hoping I can still play though