Suggestion: No double posting in games


In many other threads, it makes sense to allow multiple posts with a separation of 1 hour, however for games, it makes no sense.

As an example, if you post in LPW when you were the last person who posted, there is absolutely no point. (Especially with the one or two word posts common there.) It just generates spam and more work for Milla since she has to read every post in order to keep order.

(This probably applies to TBH forum as well, but I haven’t read any off topic / games threads there in months)


Looking back at the LPW thread, you really are talking mainly @devyn and to a much lesser degree @KnexGuy . And really there is no point to a game thread anyway but to have a bit of fun.
Seeing this is more a “let @milla not work so hard” post, you might have just wanted to PM Milla about this to see if it really bothered her.
Also frankly it’s one of the few threads that are really active on this forum anyway.

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I’m not directing this at anyone. I purposely did not mention any names. I just don’t see the point of posting for no reason. LPW is sometimes a great thread when there is a discussion (which is why I haven’t muted it), but when there’s just spam, it’s a waste of time.

I’m not really sure there is any point that can be made regarding activity on this forum. The game isn’t even in alpha yet. Most games that are still 8+ months away from alpha don’t even have a forum.


It isn’t against the rules, unless the rules changed very recently.


That’s why it’s under suggestions. It currently isn’t a rule but he’s right that posting twice in a row in LPW doesn’t really make any sense. When you do you’re winning sure, but you just made yourself lose too. So it’s a wash.
Maybe we should just put a grappling hook in this one for now?

(Too soon?)


Like how they keep posting “_____house” over and over. Not really a discussion, just an unnecessary double post with stuff that doesnt really make sense.


Yeah, LPW is useless rn, but I liek being rendom sometimes.


You do realize that NOTHING in the Games section is relevant to Ambiance right? In fact is was created so that Off-Topic, just as the name suggests, wouldn’t get over crowded with the threads that end up in Games. It’s like it’s Super Off-Topic. By its very nature it will be useless to the discussion of the game that the entire forum is actually about. Frankly it’s the one place that the fewest rules should govern.
LPW in itself isn’t about content, it’s about posting last. Anything that is a post is fair game. It’s like the game of gotcha last…


I like how Milla put this on TBH forum regarding creating a counting thread. Emphasis mine.

I’m not sure I can see the point of another endless spam thread, and counting seems incredibly boring. Last post wins kind of fills the same purpose, but is more of a chat, and thus not boring. You are welcome to start one though. - Milla

If you want to spam for no purpose… I don’t understand.

Also, I’d like to emphasize the last bullet point in the about thread for #games-etc


I guess this really boils down to a difference of opinion. I don’t see the “_____ house” posts as meaningless. I look at them as a glimpse into the intelligence, maturity, and character of those posting. I’ve been posting things that may or may not spark recognition in people of various backgrounds just to see if anyone relates. Frankly I come back to this thread to see what comes up next and to analyze the post compared to other people’s posts and their own. In the long run this tells me way more than another AMA thread.


I’m not sure why you’re having such a big argument about Last Post Wins, a forum game whose entire purpose is to spam messages. What’s the different between an extra one from time to time?

Besides, double-posting supposedly isn’t allowed in any forum…

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I’m sorry you see this as an argument, it really isn’t, it’s a discussion. Neither Vachtra nor I are getting angry at each other.

I agree. This is what is interesting about LPW and game threads in general, interaction between people, not one person talking to themselves.


LPW is random, as said. Does it really matter with the double post thing in a thread that is practically a thread for anything? (At least under current guidelines)

Edit: With all do respect, these forums aren’t really in full show yet, I don’t see why people are concerned with this, as of now.

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Because we should set an example early on. Not wait until there are so many people it is hard to quickly set down rules. It is much easier when the community is smaller.

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