Suggestions? This early?

Yes, I actually wasn’t sure if we wanted a suggestions forum at this stage, but now we’re at a point where Dave is developing gameplay, instead of just the base engine on which it will run, so I opted to run with it.

Right now is the time when Dave’s design plan is beginning to gel. It’s been very up in the air until now. Whether or not you have played city-builders before, you will always think of things we won’t. If you have played the genre in the past you may have “negative suggestions”, i.e. requests not to do something a certain way or to exclude a particular function or feature. We want these too.

As a result we are probably going to have the craziest and most exciting suggestions forum ever here, so make your mark, please.


How about some final name suggestions? Nirvana? Ripple?


I’ve created a thread for name suggestions. Multi-posting is permitted, and each post should only contain one name, please :slight_smile:


Ok thanks! I’ll re-post those there :+1::+1:

Could something like a rock slide in this video be made possible with the water dynamics?

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Isn’t it a bit late for suggestion given that the domain name ( has been purchased? I imagine if something really good comes out it could be changed but that sounds like a lot of work…

Based on Dave’s twitter feed, he’s still in search for the final name.


Domains cost about the same as lunch for two at McDonalds, per year. Ambience is the working title, and may end up being the name of the game engine he developed for this.


Depending on where you get them, you can find them to be 88¢ the first year, and renewal of ~$11 USD the following.

I think I read a Reddit from Dave over a year ago that applied to his vision of Ambience. I can’t seem to find it again but maybe Dave could post it here if it’s still relevant to how he thinks the gameplay might go. That might help spawn some suggestions. Otherwise I’m just gonna go add some ideas about handcars. :wink:

I don’t know if its just me, but I am honestly not sure if dave already has something in mind on how this game will work. What exactly are we suppose to do? Or is that what we are suppose to suggest?

I have a relatively clear idea in my mind of what the gameplay will be, but haven’t announced a huge amount about it yet. I’m not looking for suggestions at all at the moment, and it does seem too early really, so feel free not to offer any! But if you have ideas to share, then this is the place to do it. As time goes on, this part of the forum will make a lot more sense than it does now :slight_smile:

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(Is Dave saying that we’re not supposed to give suggestions, or that we aren’t under pressure to give them? If it’s the former, I wish I had read this an hour ago :laughing:)

You aren’t under pressure to give them. If it were the former, then there wouldn’t be a topic about it

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Animals also to cook and eat?

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Yeah, I don’t think I’ll give any suggestions until I know what the game is more like. As of the moment I can’t really tell. Once you start announcing more things is when I’ll start making some.


What would Dave think how about Blockhead Easter eggs Please!!!