Tectonic plate and seasonal changes

When we see earth like planet, we see mountain range and island that have a particular pattern. It is nice to have that thing in this game. It is unnecessary to have a live simulation of the tectonic plate, but making terrain based on the computer-generated plate that would probably be simulated with Worley noise (see wiki) is a good idea.

Another topic that I think interesting is the seasonal changes. Well, the round planet itself already have good nature of seasons. Some tweak on planet rotation angle and its orbit around the sun is enough to cause seasonal change on the appearance of the sky I think. But the effect on the terrain, I think that would be hard to implement.

My recommendation for terrain implementation of seasonal change, the trees should regenerate based on average daily sunlight intensity and water availability. Water availability will be based on rain intensity and evaporation. And last, rain intensity based on distance to the nearest sea and global wind direction. that would be a hard implementation, maybe in the future, it will possible to implement. but honestly, I think tectonic plate alone is amazing.


Nice idea! Will there be earthquakes?


I love this idea. But making the tectonic plates move is kind of pointless. It’s every year a few centimeters at most. It’s not something anyone would notice, unless they build their city directly on the border of two and play for a long time.
Having implemented seasons on the other hand would be awesome. Especially if you make the plants look and growth dependent on the rain and temperature. And one thing that would fit quite nicely into that is, if you would make animals prefer certain types of plants. That way the trees grow at certain places and the animals could wander between those places and the nearest river. That would add so much to wildlife.

One thing that will not be implemented but would be crazy awesome is if you would give the dirt certain characteristics, like sour, salty, dry, calk, clay, and so on. The plants that grow are influenced by the soil and the soil gets influenced by the plants living there. In the end you have a real ecosystem. But that won’t work, since he as pregenerated every tree and only saves the changes to this pregenerated world. If you would simulate the whole ecosystem of the entire planet you wouldn’t have enough calculation power.