The colour of read & unread messages

No idea what it looks like on mobile but when you scroll down in a topic to the suggested topics it’s hard-ish to see the difference between read and unread ones. The read ones are slightly darker than the unread topics. It might be just me and my blindness but I have a hard time seeing the difference, especially when my screen brightness isn’t on 100%. I’m assuming it’s because of the dark background.

I would provide a picture but I’ve read everything already. Whoops.

Edit: Not just on the suggested topics but on the /latest as well. But suggested is where I pretty much click so that just popped first into my mind.


It’s the same on computer as on mobile.

You probably know how to change the forums background/theme, but just in case I’ll post a guide below.

How to change the forums theme/background

First of all, click on your profile picture on the top right to view your notifications.
Then click on your name or the cog (both circled).
If you have clicked the cog, skip to Step 3.

If you have clicked on your name

Select Perferences.

Then go to Interface.

Finally, choose the theme/background you want and/or tick/untick the check box.

And you’re done!

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It’s set on ‘light’ but nothing changed.

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It’s supposed to change the background to the light theme…

I think it’s a Discourse bug/glitch, in that case I’m going to @milla.

I already set it up to light on the first day I joined so that must be it.

Or maybe Dave and milla didn’t make a dark theme for this forum??

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You mean there isn’t a light theme but the setting for it still exists?

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Exactly. :slightly_smiling_face: Just a theory.

Hopefully a little clearer now :slight_smile:


Much clearer. Thank you!

Make it light theme dave

Are you seriously ordering the boss of the boss of this forums to do something?

Oh, well then I better go do tha- oh, oh wait, i’m looking at my rank and it turns out i’m the leader. Funny that.


Like this ? It’s a faint blue, didn’t notice until you said it

No blue here?

Your cache probably hasn’t updated. If you reload the page (using the icon in the URL box) it should show up.

You’re using the light theme? If so it looks normal. Blue is in the dark theme.

@KP7 that’s the dark theme. The Blockheads forums use the light theme.