The Comings & Goings Thread

Hi Ybot

Hey, I’m Redz, I’ve been watching Dave’s devlogs on Sapiens for the past few months now. I’m normally not into games like this where you slowly farm/build, but I love the way this game looks, feels, and the way Dave handles his process in implementing ideas into the game. I’m very excited and I can’t wait to try it out on release or possibly get a chance to be a beta tester. :upside_down_face:


hi benrex

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how are you

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I’m fine. And you? May I know from which magnificent country you are from and why you want to explore the world of sapiens?

im spectacular, my country is burning down (australia) and i wish to explore the magnificent world of Sapiens as im getting bored of Civilization 6 and would like to play a game simmilar but different in many key ways, Sapiens seems like a great fit with the features i know of so far and more which r sure to come.

Why do you want to play sapiens and what land do u originate from my good sir

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I mainly love the way Dave does his devlogs. I like programming and I like to create my own worlds. Although I never really do it.

If you were to dig a hole straight down, until you came out on the other side, I would be there to greet you. We have mountains, cows, chocolate, watches and we have snow, if you just go high enough.

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hmm, Canada? China? England?

By the way I hope you and your family are save.

theyr fine we rnt gonna be on fire we live in the city

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wow, how could you steal my thing like this, tragic

police cars outside my house
OH S**t
runs away

no one responded… this is so sad

ikr, the world is cruel

yea. how could u do that to me

I’m just a very nice guy

yea sure…

Im here from… you can take a guess.
anyway just came here to see what and how things are going on.

America? And welcome to the Internet. We welcome you here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please, im not an internet grandma. no need for a welcome into the internet just yet!

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