The Comings & Goings Thread

wow, how could you steal my thing like this, tragic

police cars outside my house
OH S**t
runs away

no one responded… this is so sad

ikr, the world is cruel

yea. how could u do that to me

I’m just a very nice guy

yea sure…

Im here from… you can take a guess.
anyway just came here to see what and how things are going on.

America? And welcome to the Internet. We welcome you here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please, im not an internet grandma. no need for a welcome into the internet just yet!

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Hi everyone!
I’m an aspiring game designer from Czech Republic (currently working on my vocational school graduation project).
I found out about Sapiens a few days ago from the Ancient Cities forums (AC is a game in development which is in many aspects similar to Sapiens, but also very different in others - for example only small areas of the world are procedurally generated and there’s a much bigger emphasis on realism) and it immediately caught my interest, in part because it actually isn’t that far from an idea I was slowly working on over the last few years - especially the terrain system.
So far I’ve watched most of the dev log videos and I’m pretty excited about the game.

(Also, prepare for a bunch of gameplay suggestions, probably after the next VideoDevblog comes out.)


Yo I joined a long time ago, but kinda got busy and didn’t really spend time on the forums. So I feel like an introduction is due.

I am a man of many hobbies, although I rarely finish one of my projects. Seeing Sapiens grow is really inspiring for me!

I don’t have much else to say for an introduction. Also stay safe everyone!

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I’m probably back :stuck_out_tongue:


How’s everyone doing? I came in from the Thrive Discourse

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Welcomth, It has been mostly quiet on the fourm the past few days, but pretty sure everyone is doing fine :D.

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I’m doing fine. Not only the forum is quiet. The YouTube channel as well…

Hey, just thought I’d check in game looks interesting and right up my street, looking forward to seeing more of what is to come.

Welcome Starre
Because of Corona the development is paused (because family and stuff). But I took a peek onto the discord server and there is a post where he said he will start developing soonish. My guess is that within a month he will start making videos again. But who knows what will happen in the future.

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Hey just wanted to introduce myself I’m jazza Keen for the progress for sapiens been really excited since I found the Dev update vids

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Welcome Jazzafritsch!
Been pretty inactive here tho, if you couldn’t tell :confused:

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