The Comings & Goings Thread

I’m fine. And you? May I know from which magnificent country you are from and why you want to explore the world of sapiens?

im spectacular, my country is burning down (australia) and i wish to explore the magnificent world of Sapiens as im getting bored of Civilization 6 and would like to play a game simmilar but different in many key ways, Sapiens seems like a great fit with the features i know of so far and more which r sure to come.

Why do you want to play sapiens and what land do u originate from my good sir

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I mainly love the way Dave does his devlogs. I like programming and I like to create my own worlds. Although I never really do it.

If you were to dig a hole straight down, until you came out on the other side, I would be there to greet you. We have mountains, cows, chocolate, watches and we have snow, if you just go high enough.

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hmm, Canada? China? England?

By the way I hope you and your family are save.

theyr fine we rnt gonna be on fire we live in the city

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wow, how could you steal my thing like this, tragic

police cars outside my house
OH S**t
runs away

no one responded… this is so sad

ikr, the world is cruel

yea. how could u do that to me

I’m just a very nice guy

yea sure…

Im here from… you can take a guess.
anyway just came here to see what and how things are going on.

America? And welcome to the Internet. We welcome you here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please, im not an internet grandma. no need for a welcome into the internet just yet!

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Hi everyone!
I’m an aspiring game designer from Czech Republic (currently working on my vocational school graduation project).
I found out about Sapiens a few days ago from the Ancient Cities forums (AC is a game in development which is in many aspects similar to Sapiens, but also very different in others - for example only small areas of the world are procedurally generated and there’s a much bigger emphasis on realism) and it immediately caught my interest, in part because it actually isn’t that far from an idea I was slowly working on over the last few years - especially the terrain system.
So far I’ve watched most of the dev log videos and I’m pretty excited about the game.

(Also, prepare for a bunch of gameplay suggestions, probably after the next VideoDevblog comes out.)


Yo I joined a long time ago, but kinda got busy and didn’t really spend time on the forums. So I feel like an introduction is due.

I am a man of many hobbies, although I rarely finish one of my projects. Seeing Sapiens grow is really inspiring for me!

I don’t have much else to say for an introduction. Also stay safe everyone!

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I’m probably back :stuck_out_tongue:


How’s everyone doing? I came in from the Thrive Discourse

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