The Comings & Goings Thread


Hello :stuck_out_tongue:
Very happy to be invited here! Sorry for not being very active on the Blockheads forum, been very busy with school and work; hopefully by Feb. 20 I’ll have much more free time though, and I’ll try my best to help out here! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! I am honored to be here and am happy to help in any way I can. Thanks so much Milla & Dave! I am so excited to be a part of the newest game! Porky keeps me up to date on all of Dave’s tweets :slight_smile:


Thanks for the invite! Pumped for this new game :smiley:


Alpha is a wee way off yet (later in the year), but since Dave is developing this title in a very transparent way, and we want to start the community-building right away we’ve got you in early, and have in fact got the whole shebang going earlier than we thought to a while ago. It does make sense to start now though. While the final release is a long way off, the process of development is well underway :slight_smile:


Do you know when these forums will be “released” to the Blockheads forums?


Not yet. It could be the day after tomorrow or it could be next week. It’s not too far off. Basically we want everything ready to go at the same time :slight_smile:


Better late than never. Thanks for the invite


I’m gonna do as much as I can (but college is really hard and i have like 24 credit hours this semester)


Thank you milla & Dave for the invite, happy to be here! If there’s anything I can help with I’d be glad to do so. Exited to see the development of Ambience.


Just arrived…really looking forward to trying this game out


Howdy all! I was looking through my email and it looks like I got an invite here :slight_smile: Not sure how active I’ll be (I have plenty of projects already haha) but I have still loved following the progress of this game!


How on earth? That sounds like schedule suicide. Are you trying to graduate in 2 years? Best of luck, but ouch.

Hey Yacht Crafter, good to see you again.


Welcome back Yacht


Oof Life’s a struggle for me right now but the predicament i’m in is that I am switching majors and NEED to graduate in 4 years because I simply can’t afford college the only reason I can go for these years is financial aid


Ah, that makes sense. Well, I hope you don’t have to go 24 credit hours a semester for long. I have great fears about my son attending college next year and switching majors at some point. I myself did the 6 year plan. But college was cheaper in those days.


Hi! Matt here. Been following the game development ever since it was called ‘World Project’. Finally saw a link to this site on Twitter on my way home from school.

I’m eager to test out the game and see where it goes!


Hi guys! You may know me as Brer-Rabbit from The Blockheads community, I’m very excited for Dave’s new game. I just registered today.


Hi there! I’m billk123, and I just found the invite a couple of minutes ago. I’m excited for Ambience! :smiley:


I haven’t been playing too much of my usual games (Like The Blockheads) because of some real-life job issues, but somehow I’ve been on Animal Crossing lately – looking forward to Ambience Game, and hoping it does stay on the Mac, since I have no PCs in our house.


Decided I’d join. Ambience has always looked like a really awesome game from all my stalking of Dave’s Twitter…
anyways, I’m happy to be here!