The Comings & Goings Thread


Hello all you nice folks out on the interwebs. Glad to help out on this project in any way that I can. It’s been a fun journey to watch so far @majicDave!


If worse comes to worse you can always install WIndows on your Mac. I have WIndows 10 and OSX bootcamped on mine.


Given there’s enough room on the disk :slight_smile:


I don’t have the ability to purchase the game on steam, but I want to see progress on the game, so welcome me, the one who won’t post an in-game screenshot of the game until then

But hello Everyone!

Edit: Added Meme


That would be the worst-case scenario. I used to have to deal with Windows at work, but I don’t have that anymore – at least until I find a new job. It’s futile but I am windows, android and google averse.


Hello Ambience Forums! :wave:


Hi, @milla should this be put into Greetings and Farewells?


There’s a thread for that? My apologies! Still getting used to the rules.


Yep, just like in the Blockheads forum.


No drama. On the whole it’s mostly the same as the BH forums, but not identical :slight_smile:


Ello Ambulance Ambience forums!


Cheers mate, the cavalry’s here!
Hello, fellow Yet-To-Be-Ambients!


Hello everyone! The pictures of the game already look breathtaking, so I’ll visit here sometime, just out of curiosity. I don’t have a computer right now, but I will try to save for one. I still got plenty of time, right?


I is here!
I’m Haque :smile:


Yes, plenty :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! :grinning:

I know it wouldn’t make sense here but it feels so weird not having the blockheads emojis on the forum.


Were gonna have cavemen emojis!
That would look horrific, lets stick With the default


Heya! Derp has joined the party!
(Wait, testing is happening already?? I’ve missed a lot of this game’s progress…)


No, we hope to go to alpha late this year. No testing has happened :slight_smile:


Whew, I thought I had missed such an important milestone :anguished: