The Comings & Goings Thread


Don’t worry everyone! I finally arrived so you all calm down now, no need to panic anymore!


Phew. Welcome!


Hello! I’m new to the forums!


Hi Santee, you replied directly to my post so I got notified. :joy:


Why are accounts on hold…

Also uhh, am I supposed to be replying to the thread?


Hello! I’ve just joined the forums and it looks good! (I’m EpicGamer101 from The Blockhead forums)
If you need to confirm my identity as EpicGamer101, PM me on the The Blockhead forums with an image of this post.

I also need some profile pictures, can someone find/create some for me?



@Santeeisweird9 that’s what I did, doesn’t matter I don’t think. Makes more sense to make a reply to the thread.


It’s simply in order to prevent troublemakers from immediately causing chaos on the forums. As with The Blockhead forums, players will receive more privileges as they spend time on the forums and earn trust levels


Ooh a shiny new forum!
Scorpion here. Been on the BH forums since 2013
I saw Dave tweet about the new ambience website and I just had to join. Love how the game looks thus far


I’ve loved The Blockheads and its community since my start in 2014, and I am so excited to watch this new game grow! What a privilege it is to be able to watch it progress, and be envolved!


Hello, I’m Ray from the Blockhead forums :slight_smile:


Kia Ora Ambience Forums! I’m (obviously) AtomSmasher from Ye Olde Blockheads Forums! So excited for this amazing new game!


Have you just arrived?

Yes, I have, I’m on the Blockheads forums as well. :slight_smile:

Are you going to be away from the community for a while or permanently?

I’m going to be around both the Blockheads forums and ambience forums, possibly time split equally.

Are you wishing to introduce a new member you have invited to our community?

I will try my best to invite some members from The Blockheads forums, I have a few friends. :slight_smile:

So, hello!!! :blush:


Hello everyone. Hopefully I’ll be more active here than on the Blockheads forums. Haha, probably not.

Cool game, Dave.


Hey guys! I just arrived!
I’m probably not going to be extremely active here, but I’ll try! Just waiting to see what the amazing game will be like! :smiley:


I can post again, just letting people know. ._.


Hey! I’m andy, if you don’t know. Thanks for the invite, and I’m excited for ambience.


Hey there, been a great fan of The Blockheads for years!
Thank you for the invite to the new forum! Looking forward to seeing this game develop more, I’m in awe watching the dev vids! :smiley:


im hereee for those who dont know me i love hangin out with friends and i love sometimes reading and i listen to klove and air1 and whats that other thing oh yea i dont like school



Heyyy! Welcome! :slight_smile: