The Comings & Goings Thread


Welcome to this forum, Sunny!


Hello :wave:! It’s INeedPieUndercover from the forums, as you can probably tell. I tried to join before but I couldn’t get the email to work. But it’s good now :+1:


Long time Blockheads player. Gamer as far back as I can remember how to sit up, back with the old TI-99 and Apple II, way before hard drives were standard. More recently been checking out beta Oculus Rift games, Entropia, and Transcendence (by Kronosaur). If you go further back then Tim’s epic game, ZZT. Pun intended. Still examining how Blockheads is put together, recently noticing a water/sky break when you zoom out when the water is gone and more definite blocked refreshing.
Have done minor coding, no way I’d try building a game.
Looking forward to see how this plays out. :+1:


Hello All.




Just a simple gamer here to look.


I may not return to this forum until I think it’s the time too. Even then I may forget about it so please remind me if I’m still on tbh forum to pm me in 2020 about ambience.


I’m Angel from the Blockheads forums
On this forums, I will not sell my Angel marshmallows that are free.
Ok, bye.


Just found the thred in the blockheads forums! Happy to be here! :grinning:


Found thread in blockheads forums, will try to download game on day 1 of release.


As you may know me on The Blockheads Forums, I’m new to Ambience Forums, and I may or may not be active here.


Welcome, Haduj!


Hello, I didn’t know there’s an ambiance forum. Lol forget about it I’m here it will be an honor when ambiance released. But I know it takes a while before the biggest release time hehe. Have a nice day!!


Hallo! Didn’t really join ‘recently,’ but I haven’t really been on. I’m TheHackKnight from TBH forums (Pater Cochleara on Discord)


Welcome @DarkHorse and @THEHACKKKNIGHT!


I think I may make a return but I will be active or not active. It just depends


Isn’t Devyn banned?


It really doesn’t matter. I’ve given up on everything, and only to stay away from evil.


Hello, maybe some of you know me from the Blockheads Forums as Alexandra Inglorien. I originally didn’t join this forum because I thought I wouldn’t be able to play the game, anyway, and it was still so new.
I’ve decided to give in and join–maybe I will be able to play, and if I can’t, I can still admire the pretty pictures.

Looking around, it looks like testing hasn’t even begun (unless I’m very badly misinformed)? These forums have been around for quite a few months now.

And wow, I’m seeing a lot of old Blockheads users here as testers for this game now.

Anyway, see you around. :wave:


Testing has not begun.