The Comings & Goings Thread


Welcome, Ziameter!


:notes: Circumference is Pi time Ziameter :notes:

Just kidding… welcome!


Hey. Lilangel119 here. Had to make an alt because I forgot my password. Why can’t you just send a change password email?! Huh. Huh?! Because the email I’m using I can’t access anymore. So yeah.

I have a sad girl pfp on the bh Forums!

and a question totally not related to the forums…
Will Emma ever join the bh or Ambience Forums? Or even play Ambience at all?


Well it because you have to confirm the change email password ok the current and what will be the new!

And welcome back to the forums ambience again!!!


I’ve joined the Ambience forums! Hello!

I’ve decided to go for a classic lowercase look. :smile:


Hi! I decided to get rid of the cringey part of my username…but I left an initial.


Heya everyone I’m Sugarflop from the blockheads forums. Prepare yourself for a onslaught of spelling mistakes and late night hangry posts :drooling_face: . Seriously though glad to have made it here. And I, as I sure we all are am very exited to see where Dave and his team take us now!


Hey, I’m from the BlockHead forums, not gonna introduce my self because I’m too lazy and all most of you will know me anyway.

Also I’m too lazy to fill my bio or add a pfp so deal with it xD


Joined a few months ago, came back :stuck_out_tongue:
Going to change my pfp and fill up my bio later… slunks off and procrasinates till the end of time


I’m back, my browser works again! Or maybe the protection on the forums was fixed? Either way I’m going to try and be more active, at least if not right now then soon™.


Joined early to get a good username. I joined today and was a big fan of blockheads. When I saw this on the forums round there i was instantly interested.


Finally decided to join,I hope I could help in any ways.The code is quite similar to Python I think…


I am back, for now


Just joined on today, I haven’t been active with blockheads and instead have been playing other in development games.
From what I can tell from the screen shots, this game is going to be good, it looks like it is definitely going to be a nice twist from other 3d sand box game, and center more on the peaceful aspects that a game can have.


Hello! I used to active be on the blockheads forums ages ago. I redownloaded the game and got a huge rush of nostalgia pretty recently. I was really curious as to what the dev was up to so I followed his blog to here! I’m excited to be a part of this community and see where this game ends up


Hi, I’m INeedPie from the BHs forums. Getting some de ja vu? Well yeah, I forgot that I made the other account and made this one :joy:. Have PM’ed milla to get the other deleted.


Just saw this game because of the 4 year recap on YouTube. So inspirational! Can’t wait to see how this develops, it looks incredible.


Saw your video on YouTube just a second ago. It looks like it’s going to be a great world building game. Those games are really popular these days but, your game also has a great theme behind it. Looking forward to playing this with my friends.


Well I’ve been here for a few days now so I thought I will say hi too :slight_smile: Hi!

Awesome work Dave really excited to see where this project goes


saw the work and the look of the game is great, I’m starting out on C++ programming for games and this inspirational. I am glad i found this and to see the development of the game. Maybe some day i will achieve this kind of work, someday. I’ll be around, thanks.